Frequently Asked Questions

It really does depend. There are three classes of project:


Whatever the event, we’ll find a way to fit to your budget.

We can also set up a JustGiving page for you so everyone can chip in. That makes it even more special to receive – a gift from everyone present.

Such an important question. There are two parts to the answer: quality and process.

The people involved in the creation and crafting of work at poetry films are internationally recognised talents. The quality of the poetry and filmmaking have won prizes and awards amid global competition. If anyone has the team to create pieces of work to truly represent profound thoughts, it is this one.

The process we adopt is explained here. In particular, there are three steps in this process that ensure you get what you’re looking for. First, the poet spends time with you (and others if appropriate) to thoroughly understand the people and scenarios involved. Without this, we’d be stabbing in the dark and producing something generic and meaningless. Second, we show you different poetic forms and styles to ascertain your individual preference. And third, we ask you at particular times in the creative process for approval and comments.

Fine. It’s fun to push the boat out. Beside the obvious financial consideration, A-list celebrity actors will consider three other factors. First, the work must appeal to them personally. Clearly they do not need the work. They will commit to something only if they are attracted to the project. If the person who is the subject of the poem shared a belief in a particular cause, then the planets can align surprisingly quickly. Second, there must be no conflicts with other contractual obligations. The actor may have exclusivity arrangements in place or could be restricted by sponsorship agreements. Finally, availability. Movie projects are arranged years in advance and windows of availability are narrow and fleeting. Poetry Films take at least a day to shoot and the poems also take some time to learn; this is drama, not a reading. If an illness, accident or domestic issue intervenes, the whole project with that actor could be lost, simply because there’s no more time available. That risk must be considered.

In all cases, the longer the better.

If you’re looking for a Silver project, we’ll need at least 2 weeks assuming no waiting list and the poet is feeling inspired.

For Gold projects, we need at least 3 months but 6 is better.

For Platinum projects, we are looking at minimum one year and often much longer because of project scheduling challenges.