How it works

Scoping discussion

This is where we discuss the project and decide if we should work together. The scope of the project includes aspects like subject matter, location, film length, poetry style, the budget and the structure of the payment of fees.

Briefing meeting

This takes place either face-to-face or remotely. Here the client explains what she or he wants from the project in detail. We talk about the ‘ideal’ scenario regarding the poem’s tone and structure, and the filmic considerations like location, style and actor’s profile. Much of this work is spent understanding the people who are the subjects of the project. Who are they, what makes them unique, what is the message that needs to be conveyed, and what impact and outcomes are desired by showing the film? We will lead you through this process so you’ll never feel out of control or out of your depth. It is very much a hand-holding collaboration.

Project outline presentation

Poetry Films will create and present the proposal. This will summarise the conclusions from the briefing meeting. It will introduce a rough poem structure with key points, and a description of the look and feel of the film including our initial thoughts on a ‘shot list’ – the sequence of scenes we imagine for the film. There will also be details of the actor, the studio and location.

Poem feedback

An draft of the poem will be presented for comments. Here the client gives feedback prior to the final crafting of the piece.

Presentation of the final film

Including the delivery of:

  • The film’s files and a license to use it
  • A “behind the scenes” clip*
  • The poem’s manuscript
  • A transcript of an interview with the lead actor on his or her thoughts on the piece*
  • A report on the poem itself explaining its structure, meaning and any literary references featured in the writing. This can deepen one’s appreciation of the piece.

*only for gold and platinum projects