Who is it for?

To have a piece of art dedicated to you is a gift you’ll never forget. But to have a poem crafted around your life and those you’ve touched is special. And to then have that transformed into a film is incomparable to any other tribute. It is a present not to be given lightly for its impact is deeply felt. Poetry has always been there to mark love and life. It is there to mark yours.



Big anniversaries almost demand recognising. But how do you symbolise a life lived together? Jewellery? Golf clubs? A second superyacht? Maybe, but do we need more stuff? A sophisticated message needs a refined expression and a poem film can be crafted to voice all one’s thoughts with perfect weight.


Some lives need to be honoured while they are still being lived! A significant birthday is a perfect opportunity to present a gift they’ll always treasure. You could have fun with it too! Or it could be for a retiring employee, an award-winning artist or a valued member of staff. If they have overwhelmed you, it’s time to repay the gift.


A best man’s speech can be wonderfully augmented by a poetry film. We can create something as risqué or humorous as you like. Or a heartfelt life story poem for the bride or groom would elevate the whole ceremony. Perhaps a thank you to parents or even a surprise gift for one’s spouse?


The pain of loss is both deep and delicate. To honour a person we’ve lost is to face a symphony of different notes and arrange them into one single harmony. It is difficult. Humour and sadness can coexist. Reminiscence and hope are combined as are gentle quietness and the rejoicing of a life richly lived. Poetry is the natural home for these intricate feelings and, when presented as a film, shows everyone the person as they truly were.


Poetry can stir your emotions like no other form of words. Like music, you can feel a poem before you even think about it. A poetry film can tackle complex issues and present several themes in one piece. Fabulous Phoebe shows what can be done with poetry and filmmaking when presenting a complex issue.